Tips For Spiritual Growth

Shiv 17 Nov, 2016
Tips For Spiritual Growth Spiritual growth is an inner process of getting rid of wrong thoughts and concepts and about who we are and about the world where we are living. Through this inner process, we can increase our awareness of our true essence. Below are few tips for spiritual growth. Remove unwanted thoughts from your mind and learn to focus your mind. Include meditation in your everyday routine. Start reading spiritual literatures and quotes. Develop unnecessary emotional detachment. It is a positive attitude as it helps us to avoid getting into unwanted tangles with others emotions. We have to admit the fact that we are a spirit with physical body. And when we realise this, it will change our attitude towards other things in life. Look at the brighter side of life. Our inner self is stronger than our situations. Always be tolerant and don't lose your patience. Concentrate on everything you do, don't let your attention go wherever it desires. Hope these spiritual tips helps you to be a better person.

Understanding the stages of Spiritual Development

Shiv 17 Nov, 2016
Understanding the stages of Spiritual Development Spiritual development is not something that you work on, it is something that works on you. Spiritual development stages enriches insight about faith, belief and spirituality. The Lawless A person who is at lawless stage is totally under the control of their own ego. They never submit to any type of authority so their existence tends to be submitted to any type of authority so his or her existence tends to be immoral and chaotic. Their life changes from moment to moment with their will. The Faithful The Faithful stage tends to arise some time in childhood, sometimes a person remains at this stage for betterment of living but in many cases this stage will lasts only until early years of life. This group of people fear that without set of rules human behaviour would debase into complete corruption. The Rational The Rational stage arises during or after adolescence. Depending on the circumstances of life this stage may last for short while or it may last for lifetime. They may or may not even believe in God. This group of people believe in individual decision that could place them outside their social group and they are not afraid of it. This group of people will pick and choose parts of their religion to accept and parts to reject. The Mystic Before reaching the Mystic stage a person must have already passed through the Faithful and Rational stage. This group of people feel free to go against the rules, when the rules do not seem to apply in a given situation.