Smart Ways to Exercise at Work

Shiv 17 Nov, 2016
Smart Ways to Exercise at Work People these days are much worried about their health and fitness. We suggest everyone to make a good habit of exercising daily to keep fat and cholesterol out of your body. If you are not getting enough time in your routine to do exercises, you can adopt these simple yet effective exercises which you can do at your work place. A fit and fine body is what you can gift to yourself just by following few tips. The Seated Leg Raiser Straighten and hold one leg in place for five or more seconds and then slowly lower the leg back to the ground without letting your feet touch to floor. Repeat for another leg and do it 10 to 15 times. Using water bottle Hold a filled water bottle in one hand seated or standing, bend the elbow and curl the arm up towards the chest, just like a regular dumbbell. Pause momentarily and then lower the bottle back down. Do it 12 to 15 times for one hand n switch. Doing Namaste This one is just like praying, seat straight with feet flat on the floor, bring both the palms together in front of your chest, just like doing namaste and push both the hands together powerfully until you feel muscles contract in your arm. Hold it pushed together for more than 15 seconds. Release and repeat the same. The Handshake Hold your hands together tightly just like giving handshake to yourself with one hand’s thumb pointing to the ceiling and another hand's thumb pointing to the floor. Then pull, hold for 10 seconds or more, release, and repeat.

Slimming Workouts For Small Spaces 

Shiv 17 Nov, 2016
Slimming Workouts For Small Spaces We all like fit people who are healthy and strong. Sometimes we even wonder what makes them so healthy and strong. What makes them healthy is their consistent work towards being healthy. Regular exercising coupled with good diet is the key to having a svelte body! If you can’t find time to join a gym and feels that your home is too small to fit in gym equipment, fret not, you can even exercise in the small space of your home. Check out some of the best exercises which can be done even in small spaces. Jumping Rope Very easy and yet very effective, we all have played it as a game in childhood, so you don't even need any extra skills to do this. Jumping rope is a perfect exercise for overall body, you can do it 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. 20 minutes exercise per day burns at least 200 calories. If you do not have enough space to do this, just imagine you are holding skipping rope in your hand and pretend to be jumping the rope, it works as same. Aerobic steps using staircase You can do it even while you are talking on phone or watching TV. Select few easy aerobic steps and use your staircase to perform them. Stepping helps you to burn at least 300 calories in 30 minutes session. Yoga Yoga can not only be performed in smaller space, it is a perfect exercise both for body and mind. It is one of the best exercises to burn calories. In fact, everyone should adopt yoga in their lifestyle for better living. Yoga requires small space, just enough to stretch your body. You can start with yoga steps for beginners and later move on to more complex yoga exercises. Crunches, cross crunches and sit ups Mix all these exercises and do it your way. To do this exercise you don't need much place and you can even do it on your bed. Start with 5 to 7 Crunches, cross crunches and sit ups per day, and increase the count after every 3 days. This exercise is great for abs and removes those extra pounds in your belly.