Occupational lifestyle diseases

Shiv 17 Nov, 2016
Occupational lifestyle diseases Occupational diseases are the result from long term employment in a particular type of work. Black lung disease among miners, cancer among asbestos installers, Pneumoconioses and Metallic fever are such occupational diseases. Black Lung disease This disease is caused due to exposure to particles of carbon. When coal dust is inhaled for a long period of time, it builds up in the lungs, which the body is not able to remove, inflammation of the lungs causes large size cavities in the lungs. Pneumoconiosis Pneumoconiosis/Chronic lung disease is caused due to the inhalation of various forms of dust particles, particularly in industrial workplaces for an extended period of time. Shortness of breath, wheezing and chronic cough are some of the symptoms. Asbestosis is Scarring and thickening of the lung tissue. Exposure to asbestos dust causes Asbestosis. Scars continue to grow and prevents oxygen supply to the lung, causing increasing difficulty in breathing. Unless it can be surgically removed very early, it tends to spread by blood and lymph and lead to early death. Prevention methods We can prevent these diseases by periodic examinations, preplacement examinations, working supervision and health education. Engineering measures such as proper design of plant, ventilation, dust isolation through enclosure and isolation and protective devices. Hope this article arises awareness towards occupational diseases.

Lifestyle Diseases you should take seriously

Shiv 17 Nov, 2016
Lifestyle Diseases you should take seriously Lifestyle diseases such as obesity, type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease etc. have become really commonplace today. Attributed mainly to the fast-paced lifestyle, every year thousands of people die prematurely from these diseases. Smoking, unhealthy diets and no or very less physical activity are the main reasons for lifestyle diseases. Here we will discuss some common lifestyle diseases that you should to take seriously. ObesityUnhealthy eating habit is the main cause for obesity. Eating junk food and less physical activity will make you overweight. There are higher risks of suffering from blood pressure, Diabetes and breathing problems for overweight people. So start exercising and avoid junk food to overcome this disease. Type 2 Diabetes When pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin in our body to maintain a normal blood glucose level, it causes type 2 diabetes. Again obesity is one of the major attributes for type 2 diabetes. We may be able to prevent this disease by maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Atherosclerosis Arteries carry blood to peripheral organs of the body. If the arterial wall gets harden, then the heart has to pump harder to enable that the arterial blood reaches all peripheral organs. This disease develops slowly. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess fat in the body, smoking and obesity are major causes for this disease. Eating high soluble fibre food and by reducing the intake of sodium, saturated fats, smoking and alcohol you can prevent this disease. Swimmer's earSwimmer's ear is the infection of the outer ear and ear canal. Facing difficulties in understanding speech patterns and ringing ears are its symptoms. It is caused due to loud music and continuous use of headphones. Avoid these habits to overcome this disease. Heart diseases Smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol are the crucial factors for heart related diseases. Chest pain, pain in the neck, jaw and upper abdomen are the symptoms. Take a serious note of these lifestyle diseases. Keep yourself physically fit and active and lead a happy life.