Tips to Help Children Develop Healthy Habits

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Tips to help children develop healthy habits
Medical Adviser
17 Nov, 2016


7 Tips to Help Children Develop Healthy Habits

Good habits are best established in childhood. You can help your child develop healthy habits which will bring lifelong benefits for them. Here are few tips.



  1. Praise your child for healthy habits they adopt and healthy food choices they make, at the same time do not reward them with video games and junk food for a job well done.

  2. Limit video game, computer time and TV to 1 to 2 hours per day. These habits leads to bad lifestyle. Couple it with junk food and you have the recipe for childhood obesity and other lifestyle diseases.



  1. Physical activities are very important for your children's health. Make sure that your child is active/plays at least for an hour each day.



  1. Practice having at least one meal together with your family. When you sit with your child to eat, there are less chance of your kids eating wrong foods. It also helps strengthen your bond as you can spend quality time with them.

  2. Appreciate your children when they adopt healthy habits. Don’t be too critical of them if they munch on unhealthy food. Show by example. If they see you having too much screen time and eating unhealthy food, they would want the same for them.



  1. Set realistic goals for your children so that they can adopt easily. Small steps and small changes can make a big difference in your children's health.



  1. Support your child's interest, make your child feel comfortable to discuss their interest and help them attain healthy habits.