Tips for a healthy lifestyle

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Medical Adviser
16 Nov, 2016


10 tips for a healthy lifestyle

Here are 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle, follow these simple mantras to get healthy lifestyle.

Never skip Breakfast

When we wake up in the morning, energy levels are low in our body so start your day with healthy breakfast. Include fruits and dairy into your breakfast


Drink lots of water


Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. Also drinking more water fills up your stomach so you can avoid eating more.


Get enough sleep


Sleep plays a very important role in improving physical health and longevity. Like food, water and oxygen, sleep is necessary for your body. You feel good all day when you have a good night's sleep. So make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep per day.




Exercising daily increases life span, lowering the risk of diseases, and helps to lose weight. It helps to be fit and healthy.


Cut down intake of sugar and processed food


Sugar doesn't contain any essential nutrients, it contains only calories. Sugar is bad for the teeth and also increases bad cholesterol in your body. Processed food is not good for health because it has added preservatives. High amount of salt content present in processed food leads to high blood pleasure and heart disease. Keep the intake of sugar and processed food low.


Get Social


Get social and make new friends. If your social circle is not big enough, join classes such as dance classes, aerobics, music classes, tennis, and scuba diving, to keep you healthy, fit. It even helps you achieve new skills.


Take care of your oral health


Brush your teeth twice daily. Chewing sugarfree gums and rinsing mouth after each meal helps to reduce tooth decay and improve overall oral health.


Find your passion...and follow it.

One of the keys elements to be happy is to find a vocation, right job or habits that brings joy to your life. Do what you like and do it often. It makes you happy and healthy.




Always choose fresh food over prepacked foods


Prepacked foods are convenient but they cost more and are often not healthy. Always go for fresh and natural ingredients.


Don’t take stress


Stress suppresses your immune system, and makes you get sick easily and also damages the brain cells which in turn are responsible for long term memory formation. Take some time out for yourself and enjoy life.