The Harmful Effects Of Junk Food On Your Brain

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25 Jan, 2018

The number one reason for obesity throughout the world is overindulging on junk food. It is the fatty foods, full of cholesterol and calories which is very difficult to say no to. Highly seasoned burgers, sugary sodas, rich dressings and cheesy pizzas are just some of the junk foods much loved by both teens and adults.


Working individuals or people give shortage of time as the reason for gorging on burgers, sandwiches and other on-the-go meals. Everyone is in a hurry nowadays. Junk food is not only giving you reasons to indulge in it but also making it a point to make your brain its slave. Addiction to junk food is no less than any other material abuse. It makes your brain to believe that it is good for you.


Your emotions such as grief, pain and anger make you look for happiness by eating. And what better way to curb anger than a piece of your favourite doughnut? The pleasure obtained from food is equal to that of alcohol or sex for the neuronal response to the brain.



The difference between junk food and drugs is the fact that eating gives you the feeling of satiety, something that is missing when you take drugs. In the laboratory, it has been shown that foods high in salt, sugars and fats act on receptors of dopamine, same as drugs. In this way, you come to the addiction part which becomes a type of physical addiction, since the intake of fatty foods stimulates the hormone receptors mentioned above.



So, the next time you go to your favourite pizza house, just wait for a few minutes in front of the store before entering. You will start feeling the intense rush in your body and it will start making you tensed. This is what junk food does to you! You are made a slave by its sheer effect on your brain and how you respond to situations.  If these receptors are no longer stimulated i.e. by avoiding fatty foods, your body will start feeling deprived thus kicking off the mechanism of addiction. With a high-fat diet, stress hormones are also increased in the bloodstream thereby increasing your blood pressure. You can also contract cardiovascular problems and obesity, as well as develop imbalances in the emotional and psychological mindset. With a diet of junk food, therefore, you are not only increasing the amount of fat in your body but you also become more prone to illness, depression and addiction.