Exercises for weight loss at home

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17 Nov, 2016

Exercises for weight loss at home

Exercising improves your confidence and mood. It helps your body to consume more energy. And if you are lamenting not being able to hit the gym attributing it to lack of time, know that you really don't need to hit the gym to lose weight. When you don’t have enough time to Gym and still want to lose weight follow these simple home exercises. If you exercise at least 4 or 6 days a week, you would soon start to see the difference it does to your body and mind.

         1. Jump rope for 10 minutes each day. It helps to lose 120calories.

  1. Another simple exercise is to run up and down the stairs, each time you do this, you may lose approximately 42 calories.

  2. Run short distance with full speed. Repeat it often as you may lose 30 calories each time you do so.

  1. Cycling is one of the best exercises for weight loss. Get an exercise bike yourself. Best thing about cycling at home is you can do it while watching TV or you can listen to your favourite music while exercising. Cycling helps you burn calories at faster rate and gives strength to your bones.

  2. You could also invest in treadmill as it doesn’t take up much space and offers a great exercise.