Diet plans for weight gain

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Diet plans for weight gain
Medical Adviser
17 Nov, 2016


Diet plans for weight gain

When it comes to weight, swinging on the either side of scale is not good, whether it is obesity or being underweight. Really skinny people may try to gain weight using various market products which may cause unwanted side effects. The best and the right way is to try gaining weight using natural methods. If you are skinny and on a lookout for diet plans for weight gains, this post is just right for you. Check out some of the best ways to gain weight, in a healthy way.

  1. Track calories: Track your calorie intake. Depending on your weight, you may need up to 3000 kcal daily to gain weight. So make sure you are eating enough food to get adequate calories.

  1. Include full-cream milk, meat, fish, eggs, healthy desserts, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  2. Increase number of meals from 3 to 6. At least have 3 big meals and 3 small meals in a day. Make sure that your breakfast, lunch and dinner are calorie rich.

  3. Your body muscles grow when you rest. Get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Do exercises every alternate days to strengthen your muscles.

  1. Track your weight gain progress. When you notice prominent weight gain, continue with the same diet. If you don't notice any change in your weight increase your calorie intake by at least 500kcal.