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About Us

Seeds of Well Being is a CSR initiative undertaken by the Carmatec Group to make health as the primary focus to create a better tomorrow for all! Driven by our vision and philosophy, Seeds of Well Being website will act as a platform to bring fitness enthusiasts together at one platform.

Seeds of Well Being focuses on offering the latest, compelling health related information in relevant, easy to understand insight and guidance.

For us, our growth goes beyond the numbers, it is about doing good for the society to create a better world. This is what, we at Carmatec believe in and this is what we constantly strive for.

With a drive to build a world of healthy people, Seeds of Well Being sprouted out to help promote healthy lifestyle. This initiative is focused on building a community who share common beliefs and are driven by their impetus to make health a primary concern for everyone.

We believe that together we are empowered and only together we can make a difference. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones by bringing together information that will improve your overall health and help you take charge of your life all at your pace on your time.

We are committed to providing information to help individuals and their families enrich their health and wellbeing.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a model platform for promotion and delivery of health and fitness for all.

Our mission

Promoting healthier communities by improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and families through our platform.

Our team

our team


Aromal Rajagopal, CEO and Co-founder of Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an IT industry veteran and a cloud evangelist. He has extensive management insight on running a knowledge driven operation, with special stress on process, quality and ensuring efficiency. He has spearheaded the company’s growth by introducing 6 brands in 13 years. He has played an active role in market analysis, portfolio management and strategic planning for Carmatec’s international and national ventures. Aromal Rajagopal is the proud recipient of Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Contribution awarded by AIAF (All India Achievers Foundation).

our team

Indu Aromal

Indu Aromal, Director of Operations of Carmatec IT solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is instrumental in the operation management of the company and has played a key role in Carmatec since inception. As the Director of Operations for Carmatec IT solutions and head of the software development division, she takes care of the technical and HRM aspects of the company. Indu is the person behind the creation of VisionCarma, which is Carmatec’s process management software. Her forte lies in Project Management, Business Analysis, Technology Architecture & Domain expertise for software development projects in Ruby on Rails, PHP and other framework

our team


Omshivaprakash has been working as an IT Infrastructure Management Specialist for the past 13 years with focus on all Technical Support, Server Administration, System Monitoring, Integration and Consolidation, Backup Automation, Disaster recovery Management and Planning, Cloud Computing development and setup as well as, other IT infrastructure management services. His expertise lies in field of system consolidation, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure setup, backup and high availability solutions.

Our Expert Network

The greatist expert network is made up of some of the world's best & smartest certified professionals.

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